HOA Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Forest Oaks HOA Board Meetings are open to all homeowners.  If you would like to attend please call Marissa Harris at (704-583-8312) with your information to receive our meeting location and check the calender for meeting dates.

You will find links below to important information for all homeowners, just click on the information you are looking for.  A few things for you to know are all meeting agendas & minutes are listed by the most recent month, we have also included a map of the subdivision we often refer to this during meetings and if you would like a copy please feel free to print one.  If you have any questions regarding meeting information you may contact Marissa Harris at RCM 704-583-8312 or email your HOA Board.

FOHOA Map of Subdivision

FOHOA April 2014 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA April 2014 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA March 2014 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA March 2014 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA February 2014 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA February 2014 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA Annual Meeting Proxy and 2013 Budget  FOHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

FOHOA September 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA September 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA August 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA August 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA July 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA July 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA June 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA June 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA April 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA April 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA March 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA March 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA February 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA February 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA January 2013 Meeting Agenda  FOHOA January 2013 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA December 2012 Agenda  FOHOA December 2012 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA November 2012 Agenda  FOHOA November 2012 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA October 2012 Agenda  FOHOA October 2012 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA September 2012 Agenda  FOHOA September 2012 Meeting Minutes

FOHOA August 2012 Agenda  FOHOA 2012 August Meeting Minutes

FOHOA July 2012 Meeting Agenda Open Session  FOHOA July 2012 Meeting Minutes

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